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Ovulation discharge

If you want to get pregnant, then knowing what ovulation discharge is and what it looks like can help you know the best time to conceive. The cervical mucus becomes thicker around the time of ovulation and takes on a jelly-like appearance. This is because hormonal changes in your body when ovulation occurs produces a vaginal discharge that is white, sticky, and has the consistency of egg whites. The discharge around the time of ovulation helps the sperm fertilize the released egg.
Knowing exactly what ovulation discharge is can be challenging because it can also look like the discharge in the early stages of pregnancy. There can also be other reasons for noticing egg white vaginal discharge that looks like jelly. Therefore, if you are trying to get pregnant, it’s important to know not just what ovulation discharge looks like, but also the other signs of ovulation.
Ovulation happens in the middle of your menstrual cycle when one of your ovaries releases an egg for fertilization. In order to prepare your body for sperm to fertilize an egg, hormonal changes increase the amount of vaginal discharge that you have. You will notice that the consistency of your vaginal discharge changes to become more jelly-like around the time of ovulation. It will look like raw egg whites and for this reason it is called egg white cervical mucus (as EWCM).
The best way to describe what ovulation discharge looks like is that it resembles egg whites in consistency, color and texture.
The 4 Stages of Discharge (Including Ovulation Discharge)

After your menstrual period the production of cervical mucus is at its lowest. Then estrogen levels increase before ovulation and this causes the cervix to secrete more mucus. The cervical discharge increases and becomes sticky. You may notice that the cervical mucus takes on a white or cloudy appearance.

The second stage happens as your ovulation date becomes closer. At this stage there will be an increase in the cervical mucus quantity and it becomes moister. Its color may be cream-like in appearance and the discharge will take on a gelatin consistency that feels wet and sticky.

At time of ovulation or just before it takes place there is an abundance of jelly-like clear or white discharge and the consistency of the cervical mucus will be similar to egg whites. This discharge is also called egg white cervical mucus because it looks like raw egg whites.

After ovulation, the amount of discharge produced by the cervix decreases and the discharge looks thicker.

If conception hasn’t taken place, the menstrual cycle will start again when you have your period. 

Thing to Remember

Each woman’s response to ovulation may vary somewhat. Nevertheless, the hormonal changes that happen during ovulation have generally the same effect on most women. Most women will notice that her discharge gradually becomes clearer and less sticky. Most women will also note that it becomes wetter and slick right around the time of ovulation. There is no denying the fact that attentive observation the changes in vaginal discharge during all your menstrual cycle is of vital importance, that will prevent you from many serious health complications.

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